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What Brought You To Ballet?

There’s that moment you realize you’re in love. Do you remember what it was like? How did ballet begin for you? Here’s my story… From the time I was a toddler, I wanted two things. One was pierced ears; the other was ballet lessons. I don’t recall seeing anything...

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Finding Your Fitness “Fit”

Contemporary fitness has become yet another “product” in the beauty and fashion industry. With images and messaging that induce a mixture of desire and insecurity, it’s no wonder that so many people feel anxious about working out! Sadder still, millions of women chase...

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Better With Ballet

After decades of personal experience, it makes sense to me that doing ballet enhances body, mind and spirit, but science seems to finally be taking notice. A recent crop of articles reveal the myriad of benefits doing ballet holds for people of all ages and abilities....

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Ballet Secrets For Aging Gracefully

When it comes to fitness, the great advantage of age is the wisdom to make more satisfying choices. I’ve encountered many young women who think that unless they feel “murdered”, “dead”, “beat”, “shredded”, or otherwise incapacitated after a workout, they haven’t...

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A Simple Recipe for Fit Living

Cultivating a fit and healthy lifestyle can be pared down to this simple recipe: DEVELOP GOOD HABITS Each morning at the ballet studio I’d do a little stretching, core work, and light foot strengtheners to prepare for class and a long day of rehearsals and...

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What You Can Do to Feel Healthier & Happier Right Now

Martha Graham said, “The spine is the tree of life. Respect it.” Yet contemporary lifestyles do anything but... Our backs and hips ache from sitting, our necks seem permanently craned over smartphones, and our hyper-drive habits of visual consumption have our bodies...

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Get Your Grace On! 7 Tips for Trying Ballet

Now that you’ve spun yourself sweaty and galvinized your glutes with a gazillion barre workouts, what next? Refine your fitness routine with ballet! The beautiful results to be had from this old school workout are universally admired, yet many feel intimidated about...

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Barre Essentials for Healthy, Happy Knees

One of the biggest problems with barre workouts is knee pain. Not only does this over-hyped fitness fad often masquerade as a “ballerina” workout when it has nothing to do with real ballet technique, but many barre classes include movements that pay zero attention to...

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