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Get Your Grace On! 7 Tips for Trying Ballet

Now that you’ve spun yourself sweaty and galvinized your glutes with a gazillion barre workouts, what next? Refine your fitness routine with ballet! The beautiful results to be had from this old school workout are universally admired, yet many feel intimidated about...

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Barre Essentials for Healthy, Happy Knees

One of the biggest problems with barre workouts is knee pain. Not only does this over-hyped fitness fad often masquerade as a “ballerina” workout when it has nothing to do with real ballet technique, but many barre classes include movements that pay zero attention to...

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Refinery29 + Everyday Ballet

This past Monday I had the enormous pleasure of training the inimitable Steve Doss (pictured above) for Refinery29’s Facebook Live broadcast of Busy Bodies. It was such a fun and fabulous time! Not only was Steve an enthusiastic student, but he also absorbed the...

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Tutus! A Brief History

Fashions come and go, but the tutu endures as a symbol of the iconic grace of ballet. This much-admired circle of tulle came into being nearly 200 years ago amidst awe and scandal...   It was the 1832 Paris premiere of La Sylphide that changed ballet forever....

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Afraid of Ballet? 3 Truths That Will Change Your Mind

So many people feel intimidated about trying real ballet despite its wonderful fitness benefits. Here’s what you need to know to let your inner-ballerina shine! Myth: Ballet is only for people with a natural dancer’s physique. Truth: You don’t have to be thin, leggy,...

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Love Your Body With Ballet

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express our love towards others, but what about showing a little for yourself? Although at first blush it may not seem conducive to self-love and acceptance, the psychological and physical rewards of practicing ballet can help you...

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How To Get Some Ballerina Poise

“Poise is the finest point of balance it is possible to attain, both mentally and physically.” --Ruby Ginner In balletic terms, poise is a state of equilibrium between effort and ease. In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s easy to feel physically exhausted and...

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Weight Loss with Ballet: 8 Secrets for Success

Recently a woman sent me this question: How can ballet exercises be used as part of a weight loss regimen? EXCELLENT QUESTION! (Thanks, Gayle!). So here are some no-nonsense tips for how to engage your ballet practice to reach your weight loss goals.   BE...

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