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Everyday Ballet (EDB) is real ballet designed for real people. Created by professional ballerina Tiekka Tellier, EDB translates sophisticated ballet technique into a uniquely holistic, accessible yet challenging fitness program for everyone to enjoy.

Ballerina Body Workouts

Get fit doing the same exercises ballerinas do to condition their bodies. Set to gorgeous ballet music. And you don’t need any special clothing, equipment, or experience to do it!

Ballerina Arms & Posture

The perfect upper-body workout! Includes 4 beautiful arm exercises, 4 posture openers, and 2 video tutorials.


65 Min. | $39 

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Ballerina Stretch

Includes 4 stretch sequences set to gorgeous music, plus video tutorial on proper stretch technique.


40 Min. | $29

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Ballerina Legs

Shape your legs into gorgeous works of art while building beautiful posture! Includes 2 leg workouts: Simple and Intense.


47 Min. | $29

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I feel like a ballerina… graceful, light… And at the same time I get amazing results with it!


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